Is it ok to take my Baby for Camping?


Does it sound crazy to you to accompany a baby on camping? I am talking a one-month-old to a one year baby. It seemed far-fetched to think of taking a baby on camping. But give it a shot if that’s what you love. It can be a fun family moment if it can be done right. Apparently. The general thought of camping with baby causes the chills in parents, for the most part, those who have been taught that fragile creatures who are not adoptable to any environment aside from a disinfected one. Children are astoundingly tough little souls, and with the best possible attention to managing risk, you can take your children pretty much about anywhere, provided, you have the right stuff: the food, the clothing, the shelter, and the brain to tie it all together.

If you do breastfeeding, it is fairly easy. Breastfeeding is the ultimate in convenient packaging, and you don’t have to carry anything. No sterilizing bottles, filtering water, mixing formula, etc. If your baby is bottle-fed, and there is no need to worry. Simply be exceptionally scrupulous about treating and sifting water, including that for washing little hands and faces. Waterborne pathogens are stress, as one of the most concerning issues with a sick baby is a lack of hydration, and that is an indication of the vast majority of the bugs you find in the wild.

Headwear is very important for babies. Hoods are fine also a beanie however they are no substitute as hoods don’t fit near the skin. Keep those little fingers and toes secured. They will get cold. Dress them in layers, as you need to have to be able to alter their clothes. Keep in mind that they’re not moving, so they’re not producing heat. The following is a guest post from Camping Hammocks by Serac – UltraLight and Ultra Simple

Baby need protection from overheating that’s if it’s warm. Baggy attire that covers the body and some shade is basic. Keep them hydrated, and offer electrolytes if the climate turns out to be exceptionally hot and dry. Pedialyte is awesome stuff to have along, and it has an unpretentious flavor that energizes considerably even more drinking.

You have to watch and observe your baby because they can’t talk to you to say they feel hot or cold.


In case you’re hiking, you’re going to present a lot of extra weight and bother pressing out expendable diapers. You’ll need a diaper sack, and I don’t mean the standard sort. You’ll require a dry sack, waterproof and simple to seal. Do not worry about keeping water out–worry about keeping human waste in. Stream rafters are acquainted with these sorts of things, as you need to pack out all your waste regardless of age.
When your trip is over, Dispose of your diapers the way you would at home.

A baby is happy in the bottom of a canoe in their little infant PFD. The shaking movement is soothing for a lot of them, and ours usually fell asleep quickly.

Bringing two or three teething toys is fine if they’re teething, however, keep them clean and in a ziplock when they’re not biting on them.
There are lots of things you can learn along the way, like what to do and bring or not. This knowledge is all yours, for the taking.